The risks of over use of a jacuzzi bathtub

People love to have a hotjacuzzi bathtub, partly because of their incredible health and well-being benefits. Hot tubes have improved the lives of millions of people around the world, from soothing arthritis pain to stress alleviation. Yet hot tubing also involves a number of misunderstandings. In particular, people are concerned about possible health risks associated with the use of hot tub.


The "hot bath lung," a lung illness caused by bacteria that can thrive in warm water, is an outrageous disorder associated with jacuzzis. The bacteria are known to have a special exterior layer which allows them to adhere to the surfaces rather than to be washed by water, as are many other bacteria. If the MAC contaminates a hot tub, according to a paper from 2017, the bacteria may latch on to air bubbles and become aerosolized when the bubbles reach the surface. In respirations in the bacteria, people in their lungs can develop "granulomas" or small areas of inflammation.


If, after using a hot tub, you break out in itchy places you might get a "hot tub rash." The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) says this is one of the most common diseases related to hot baths. Rash is caused by a Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial infection, and symptoms include itchy skin, which can be converted into bumpy red rash or push-full blisters of hair follicles. In the area under a bathroom suit, the infection is often worse because the bag can keep contaminated water in contact with the skin, according to the CDC.

Infection with Legionella

Steamy hot-tubes may also risk a pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria, the Legionnaires' disease. These bacteria are naturally found in water, and CDC states that hot tubs that are not properly disinfected can contaminate legionella. People are infected when the contaminated tube breathes in steam or nebula, says the CDC. The agency says it is important to ensure that hot tubes are properly desinfected to avoid Legionella infection.

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