How to save water while owning a jacuzzi bathtub ?

Here are some ways by which you can save water while using your jacuzzi bathtubat home.

Thermostat Reset

Most hot tubs and thermal baths are preset at 104oF. Through setting your thermostat for a hot bath heater to maintain 101 degrees Fahrenheit you can conserve money and raising your monthly energy bill without feeling a decrease in water temperature.

Heat change from hot tub to off-peak hours

If your hot tub or spa has timer, a well-insulated and energy efficient hot tub will maintain a temperature for several hours after it is switched off, you can reduce peak loads or pressure at utility rate by "down" programming the timer in peak times .

Switch the thermostat down on holiday

When you leave for vacation or are away from home for a long time, most hot tub and spa owners do not turn off or shut off their thermostats. If you don't use the whirlpool for 5 or more days in a row, you can save money and energy by turning off or down your thermostat to the extent where your bathroom does not come on when away.

Reduce periods of pumping

Filtration cycles are usually set for four hours for many single and two speed pumps. The filtration cycles may be reduced to three hours – during peak hours. This adjustment should be based on your use pattern so that clear, clean and safe water can be maintained. If you have a low-wattage pump in your spa – leave it alone, it is constantly up.

Using an insulating hot tub or spa cover highly valued

It is necessary to keep a cover in good condition because most heat loss is caused by the spa cover. When the inside foam is missing or water filled, remove the cover. A water-logged cover can increase heat loss energy consumption. Be sure the shell and tub match together, the straps are secure and the shell locks if the hot tub is not in use. This reduces the leakage of heat.

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