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Tropic Spa may be a French luxury spa company created in 2005 and favourite in Europe. Our elegant hot tubs are designed in Spain using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials for optimum resistance.

High end spa

All our spas accompany high-end acrylic developed with Aristech, the simplest electronic spa system developed with Balboa Water Group® and a chrome steel frame. Certified ISO 14000, tropicspas is committed to well-being and excellence. Our innovative, eco-conscious and energy-efficient spas aren't only stylish but also long-lasting for years of satisfaction. Relax and rejuvenate in peace with our luxury spa collection which will fit all of your needs.

Tropic spa

At Wayfair, we feature a good selection of products from Tropic Spa so you'll choose between many various options for your home. we feature the simplest Tropic Spa products be it a jacuzzi purchasable or the other item thought of, so you'll find one that's good for you. With our large selection of home goods, you're likely to seek out something that you're going to love. If you are looking for where to shop for Tropic Spa online, then you will have no trouble finding an excellent option on Wayfair! Our hot tubs are made with exclusive aluminum composite panels for a sleek modern design. High-quality, strong and sturdy material for straightforward maintenance and long-lasting spas.

The products are of pure quality

All our spas accompany a high-end quality acrylic developed with Aristech®, the simplest electronic spa system developed with Balboa Water Group® and an indestructible chrome steel frame guaranteed anti-corrosion. Control your bathtub via smart phone from anywhere with the Balboa Worldwide App and control your music with Bluetooth and high-quality audio system with 2 pop-up speakers. The volatile oil is carried by many air bubbles through the water to the surface where the bubbles pop and release the aroma. The opening and shutting of the diffuser are done by simply turning the cap. a fast thanks to enhance your bathtub experience and luxuriate in the health benefits of aromatherapy.

Swimming spa equipped with a bubble for relaxation!

  Having a pool and being able to swim is a dream that young and old alike have. With a fairly limited space in your home and the enormous cost of creating this dream, it often goes wrong. New technological advances have nevertheless contributed to the possibility of making this dream come true! A swimming pool that relaxes The swim spa is a mix of pool and spa. Unlike a swimming pool, it takes up little space and yet allows you to swim. Powerful jets of water can be (hot tub) [...]

Taking all the benefits from the use of a jacuzzi

Why do some of the busiest people begin each day seemingly refreshed and with a “bubbly” attitude? How do active people stay on the go even when they have minor aches and pains? Could it be that these people have discovered the hot tub health benefits of hydro massage? Warm water or “hydro” therapy can promote relaxation, pain relief and improved sleep habits as the heat, buoyancy and massage work together to clear your mind, reduce stress and soothe overworked muscles. (jacuzzi spas for sale) [...]

Finding eco friendly hot tubs for sale online

Have you been too trapped with times that you simply forgot the way to live? have you ever been spending longer with smartphones instead of lecture loved ones? Don’t let life pass you by during a minute. What is the right Size Eco-Friendly Spa? What are your needs? Are you trying to accommodate an outsized family or large groups of hot tubbers? Or, are you trying to find something smaller for two? With hot tubs ranging in size, you'll find the (tropicspa) [...]

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